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How do you colour and fragrance your products?

Our products are all free from additional colouring additives. The colours you see are depicted by the natural ingredients themselves. All our products are naturally fragranced with essential oils and plant extracts. We won’t ever use synthetic colours or fragrances.

What is the best way to store your products?

Our products need to be stored away from direct sunlight and in an environment that isn’t either extremely warm, or cold.  It’s also important that all products are firmly sealed after each use to avoid excessive contact with air, which can cause oxidation.  Keeping your organic products in this way will help keep the ingredients active for longer.

How soon should I use the product after opening?

It’s best to use products within 6 months of opening, to make sure the ingredients remain at their freshest.

Why do you use plastic bottles rather than glass for some of your products?

We use recyclable and food grade PET and PE/PP plastic bottles and jars for our oils, moisturisers and serums. Others products are in recyclable tubes for convenience and to avoid nasty spills and drips. We use amber tinted plastic to protect the ingredients from light. This also means our vessels are shatterproof which is particularly important for travel and especially ideal for keeping in bathrooms.


What does it mean when a product is noted as vegan friendly?

The word vegan usually refers to products that do not contain any animal products and ideally, are not tested on animals. However, not all vegan products are organic and some may not be cruelty-free! All of our products are 100% vegan friendly and are certified organic by BioGro which means they are not tested on animals, won’t contain beeswax and use only naturally derived forms of glycerin. 

What can I be sure your products do NOT contain?

NO mineral oils

NO synthetic oils

NO added paraben preservatives

NO synthetic fragrances

NO colouring agents

NO PEG emulsifiers

NO petrochemicals

What is the difference between a natural product and an organic product?

All skincare products can claim to be natural. Even the most non-natural products can simply contain plant-derived ingredients that can be highly processed and potentially harmful.  This is because there are no regulations around labelling something ‘natural’ or ‘all-natural’. Being transparent about what is actually in a product is very important to us. We believe ingredients are better for you in their organic state, and all therefore all our products are certified with BioGro. 

Why do you need to use preservatives in your products?

Protecting the purity of organic ingredients is especially important in skincare products. Otherwise yeast, molds and bacteria can form after contact with oxygen and light that could be harmful to the skin. BioGro have very strict preservative guidelines that we follow to ensure our products remain in their purest, most powerful state. 


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