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I carry this in my handbag and spray it when I need a bit of a hydration boost. It smells divine and cools my skin when I'm feeling a little tired and moving from the heated office out to the water for training.

I'd given up on trying cleansers and decided that it was easier to wash with olive oil and a little sugar. Most cleaners leave my skin a little dry and tight but this is incredibly gentle and luxurious; I'm not left afterwards desperate to apply moisturiser. As a total set the Renew regime is simply perfect for fortifying my skin after time on the ocean and in the office.

by Fiona on RENEW SERUM

I'm a bit of an ocean junkie on top of suffering from eczema during the winter time so I have to be really careful with what products I use. I've been pleasantly surprised by this range of products, they smell incredible and haven't aggravated my eczema at all; in fact my skin is looking better than it has in for a long time now. I use this before I get into the ocean and again when I'm out of it. It's become my go-to product.

by Maddie Dowe on RADIANCE SERUM

Got to be one of my most favourite serums I’ve used, it’s not gluggy and soaks in really fast, smells yummy too!

by Maddie Dowe on BALANCE MIST TONER

How good!! Soooo good! Nice and fresh and doesn’t feel like you’re putting any nasties on your face

by Della on BALANCE Serum

I am obsessed with this product, a new favourite in my skin care routine. I apply it after cleanser and before moisturiser. Can definitely notice the difference in the look and FEEL of my skin.

by Maddie Dowe (Converted Labonics Lover!) on BALANCE Gel Cleanser

Super silky when applying and doesn’t feel like you have stripped your skin, hands down one the best cleansers ❤️


Oh my lord! This is the best thing since sliced bread. It smells incredible, a little goes a looong way and woke up in the morning with super clear skin after a day of eating chocolate which is unheard of, lifesaving.

by Maddie Dowe on BALANCE Moisturiser

After only a week I was seeing massive differences in my skin, even after dermatologist recommended products weren’t working. Fair to say I’m a very happy, converted LABONICS lover 💕

by Mikayla on BALANCE Serum

I cannot recommend this product enough... The entire Balance care range worked amazing on my skin but the Serum is by far my new addiction. I apply under the Balance Moisturiser and have noticed a huge difference in how smooth my skin has been. Even when applying makeup over top it balances out my skin tone!!

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