Summer Skincare

With increasing global warming it seems summer’s are becoming hotter and longer than usual. Combined with mild autumns, mean our faces can be exposed to increased sun, air-conditioned air and reduced humidity – resulting in dry and damaged skin.

The sun causes damage by not only drying out the skin, but by also bombarding it with UV rays that age and damage skin cells. Using a natural sunblock prevents further damage and moisturises skin to partially prevent skin dehydration. Don’t forget to touch up every 2 hours, even sunscreens exceeding SPF30 coverage are sweated off in that time and need to be reapplied.

Increased heat leads to increased perspiration which can result in breakouts in areas where there is frequent rubbing – bicycle helmets, swimsuit straps – a condition known as acne mechanical. A gentle cleanser to cleanse the skin without dehydrating it (as soaps do) will help to prevent breakouts. If you do end up with blemishes, use natural tea tree oil applied directly to the skin to dry and disinfect the areafor improved rate of healing.


Hydration and moisturising is important to replenish lost water and prevent further skin dehydration. If you’re prone to dry skin, try a rich cream to ensure maximum moisture is retained, or if you prefer a lighter feel and have oily skin, a light serum to balance sebum production will help balance the oils in your skin.

Another way to ensure your skin stays sufficiently hydrated is to help it from within. Don’t forget to drink water regularly to help replenish the water lost through perspiration and exhalation, aim for 2 liters per day, more if exercising.