Embracing the ethos that, simplicity is not simple, world renown artist Quibe was the perfect fit for our LABONICS custom packaging illustration design. Quibe describes his work as as minimal experimentations. His art is based around contours and capturing the essence of his subjects with a mixture of outlines and internal shapes. And the drawings are completed in their entirety without lifting the pen from the page.


One liner art, is a style that has been popular for those learning drawing basics and is encouraged as a creative way to practise in sketchbooks. The method helps build confidence and greatly increase drawing speed. It also is a great way to encourage coordination to help eyes and hands work more productively with the brain. Not only is it a way to mature core artistic skills, it incites the need for unbroken concentration to switch off the part of the mind thinking about other things. HIghly skilled single line drawing was a style that world-renowned artist Pablo Picasso returned to in his later years. The simple, yet highly powerful drawings have remained to this day his most popular artworks.

Quibe who is based in Paris regularly exhibits and sells his work. Luckily for those of us who are not geographically near him, his prints are available online for purchase with his unique minimal illustrations becoming more frequently popular as body and tattoo art.

Love to know more? You can follow Quibe and his artwork here:


“Drawing is a line going for a walk’ – Paul Klee