About Us

The Science

The Science

We’ve spent over 17 years working out new ways to extract and combine naturally active ingredients with a belief that the things we put in to and on to our bodies should only come from nature.

LABONICS is an intelligent skincare system that ensures every ingredient maintains its natural strength and purity, so that you can enjoy a skincare practise that is safe and kind your skin and our environment.

Sourcing / Screening

Our in-house cosmetic scientists scour the world for organic plants, botanicals and extracts that could potentially deliver significant benefits in skincare. Within our purpose built laboratory, ingredients are then screened for their efficacy, performance and compatibility when blended with other botanical ingredients. While we never test on animals, we rigorously test the products ourselves making sure each product is safe, kind and great for your skin.

Stability Testing

Organic skincare is made without the usual synthetic preservatives that are generally known to be very stable. Our serums, moisturisers, masks and cleansers contain organic botanical and herbal extracts from flowers, seeds and oils, which can be harder to keep stable within a formulation. Ensuring stability of our products is paramount and our laboratory tests to ensure the longevity of our products and their ingredient efficacy.


Sourcing genuine organic ingredients is a lot tougher than sourcing natural ingredients. We’re certified by BioGro which means, that auditing and registering of our products and the suppliers of our ingredients is checked every year. This ensures our formulations are genuine organics, and we can guarantee the purity of our products.

Our Sourcing Map


The Lab

Our state of the art purpose built R&D and manufacturing facility enables us to be at the forefront of organic skincare testing and development. At LABONICS we’re in control throughout the entire process. From ideation and the cosmetic research, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, right through to packing and exporting.

Organic skincare is our art. Welcome to LABONICS.

  • Developed, tested, made here in Auckland, New Zealand
  • R&D laboratory with onsite cosmetic scientist and development team – it’s where the magic happens!
  • Modern high-quality manufacturing facilities
  • Versatile bulk production volume capabilities
  • Rigorous QC onsite
  • Controlled warehouse storage facilities

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