RENEW Resurfacing Pads are the new kid on the block natural skincare lovers will want to get to know. A new way to exfoliate using the power of natural AHAs from super-ingredient Lime Pearl™ extract. Unbleached pre-soaked cotton pads provide a gentle exfoliation action, avoiding damage sometimes incurred by hefty scrubbing with gritty ingredients.

Recognised now as a super-source of natural AHAs Lime Pearl™ extract is clinically proven to go one step further in the exfoliation process. Penetrating deep at a cellular level speeding up the desquamation process, shedding dead skin cells quicker and faster than a regular surface exfoliator.

Inject extra hydration into the skin with moisture powerhouse marshmallow root and jasmine, while witch hazel helps combat inflammation. Safe enough to use every other day while completely resurfacing the skin’s texture for an impeccably smooth and supple finish.

  • Fast, gentle exfoliation action
  • Helps retexture and resurface skin
  • Tones, brightens and softens

With enough pads to last 2 months, smooth skin is here to stay. RENEW Resurfacing Pads are also secretly perfect to use as a pre-primer before applying makeup, for a truly flawless application. Certified organic, 100% vegan and cruelty-free skincare made right here in New Zealand.

Our new RENEW Resurfacing Pads