The labelling of products as ‘organic’ without a certification can be misleading, and that’s because some brands mix organic ingredients with non-organic ingredients, and sometimes synthetics and other nasties. Organic certification helps keep things truly transparent. It guarantees that the product you are purchasing is genuinely organic.

Every product in the LABONICS skincare system is certified organic by BioGro. BioGro is New Zealand’s #1 certifier of natural and organic skincare and have been around for over 30 years. The use of their logo guarantees a product has been made without GMO, animal testing and the routine use of synthetic pesticides. Every year, every ingredient is checked to make sure it keeps its high organic status and that’s how we can guarantee the purity of our products.


To check if a product is authentically organic, just look for the BioGrow logo. You’ll always find it clearly displayed on all our products.


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